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Dan Genier With over 16 years of experience in research administration, Daniel Génier taps into a wide network of professionals in helping institutions respond to these challenges and succeed in obtaining research funding. These experts and partners are primarily focused on offering assistance to researchers, postsecondary institutions, and research hospitals with all facets of research grant administration for complex and labour-intensive funding mechanisms such as those by the granting bodies identified in our favourite links.

Daniel's expertise lies with his extensive knowledge of, and experience in facilitating the research grant application and review process as well as his deep understanding of knowledge translation and mobilization. Having worked at the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) as a Senior Programs Officer, he has valuable insights into the internal workings of one of Canada's premier research funding enablers as it relates to:

  • administrative oversight and requirements
  • program policy and guidelines
  • policy analysis and development
  • merit review process and outcomes

This experience, coupled with more than 13 years in research management at McGill University and the University of Ottawa, in positions ranging from Director of Strategic Development Initiatives, to CFI Grants Officer, to Graduate Awards Officer, give Daniel an excellent perspective from both sides of the enterprise: that of research funder and research funding user. His professional background enables him to take a holistic approach to research planning, administration and facilitation.

ForTheResearch Consulting Services provides these key services:

  • institutional strategic planning facilitation
  • institutional assessment of pre and post-award management structures and processes
  • internal merit review process management; and
  • project proposal development coordination.

Being fluently bilingual in French and English, ForTheResearch Consulting Services removes language barriers in collaborative research facilitation at all levels.

With a passion for knowledge translation and a bird's eye view of the entire strategic research granting process, ForTheResearch Consulting Services will enhance your chances for success.